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To OMnia Healing Arts, in this space, we are all about Integrative Holistic Health, Wellbeing & Healing; weaving ancient & modern natural wisdoms and ways to heal & come home through SPIRIT, INTENGRITY, STRENGTH & COMPASSION for ourselves, each other, mother earth, our children and future generations.


About Justine the Founder


My name is Justine and I have been practicing & exploring Integrative Healing Art forms for nearly twenty years.


I am a Reiki Practitioner/Master, Integrative Bodyworker, Sound Medicine Healer, Yoga/Meditation Teacher, Retreat Facilitator & the Founder of Sangha Yoga Studio.


​Integrity, authenticity, honesty, humility, non-judgement, non-violent communication, sacred internal boundaries & love is what’s most import for me, to consistently hold a safe space for my students & clients to 'do the work', unravel, unfurl, shed the layers, open their hearts & come home.

Currently I am offering:

✨ Reiki Ryoho (Therapy)

✨Internal Tracking & Somatic Mapping

✨ Integrative Bodywork

✨Weekly Yoga classes at Sangha Yoga Studio

✨ 200hr Yoga Teacher Trainings & CET (50hr Continued Education Trainings)

✨ Reiki Ryoho Practitioner training

✨ Health & Wellness Retreats 

✨Corporate trauma informed yoga & nervous system education

My favourite yoga quote is: 

“We use asana to get into our bodies, not our bodies to get into asana’s.”

This sums up how I hold space & what these sacred practises means to me, a gentle re-wilding approach to arrive back home, remembering our voice, personal power, purpose & who we always were - loving presence. 

I am most passionate about weaving a trauma informed approach through all of my methods, as well as soul retrieval work, somatic mapping, intuitive embodied movement, recalibrating & healing the nervous system & working with energy medicines for deep everlasting healing & change.

My life’s work has always been inspired by Moksha – A Sanskrit term meaning Freedom & liberation; in the mind, body & life itself.

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I love Justine because she works from a spiritual side, she creates spaces that you can drop deep into spirit, enlightenment in body, mind and soul. She brings inspiration and knowledge to the table helping us see the beauty in ourselves. Her knowledge of the chakra system, the body and how to move it in ways to heal is amazing and wonderful to learn being a student of hers. The guided meditations are one of my favourites too, so soft, gentle and deeply healing... She is a force to be reckoned with, she is a healer of the world.


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