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About Justine

Justine is a Reiki Practitioner/Master, Integrative Bodyworker, Sound Medicine Healer, Yoga/Meditation Teacher, Retreat facilitator & the Owner of Sangha Studio Wagga.

Currently she is offering:

✨ Reiki Ryoho (Therapy)

✨Internal Tracking & Somatic Mapping

✨ Integrative Bodywork 

✨Weekly Yoga classes

✨ 200hr Yoga Teacher Trainings & CET: (50 hr Continued Education Trainings)

✨ Reiki Ryoho Practitioner training

 ✨Specialised workshops for mental health 

✨Wellness Retreats 

✨Corporate trauma informed yoga & nervous system education

Her teachings are influenced by: Traditional Hatha, Forrest, Yin & Trauma Informed Yoga, Yoga Bodywork, Reiki, Internal Tracking & Somatic Mapping.

Official Training:

> Reiki Practitioner/Master since 2005 

(Attuned by Reiki Masters - Colin Harding, Jackie Haworth, William Lee Rand & Hyakuten Innamoto.)

> 200 hr - Spinal Safe/Alignment based Hatha Yoga Teacher Training – Shanti Yoga Nelson, BC Canada

> 200 hr – Vinyasa/Ashtanga Yoga Teacher Training – Himalayan Yoga Association – Rishikesh, India 

> Forrest Yoga Advanced Teacher Training with Ana Forrest – 74.5 hrs - Calgary, AB Canada

> CET Forrest Yoga - Ceremony, Mindfulness & Meditation Training with Jambo Truong – 42hours 

> 10-day Yoga Bodyworkers Training with Jambo Truong & Brian Campbell

> Abhyangam Ayurvedic Massage Training – Ayushkama Ayurvedic School - Rishikesh, India

> The Altar of Woman Apprenticeship with Adya Madden

> Transforming Trauma with Master Yang from Calligraphy Health

> Non-Linear Movement Method with Michaela Boehm

> Poppy Perinatal Yoga Teacher Training with Charlier Speller - 40hrs

> Internal Tracking Practitioner Training - Level 1 with Purdie Wood

> 50hr Yin & Meditation Teacher Training with Yoga Medicine

> Trauma Informed Yoga Teacher Training with Yoga Medicine

> Level 1 Visionary Craniosacral Therapy with Matthew Kirsch from the Milne Institute 

> Level 1 Craniosacral with Alani Klein from Nourishing Tides


>  Weekend Immersions with Ana Forrest 

Building the Warrior Heart, Unravelling the mysteries of the neck, shoulders & hips & Rewire your brain to live the life you desire - Vancouver, Canada

> Angela Farmer – Inner Body Activism, Reclaiming Joy – Kripalu, Stockbride MA, USA

> 10—day Vipassana Meditation Course – Tasmania, AUS

> Yoga for Awakening Series - Seane Corne

Justine is now teaching at Sangha Studio Wagga and you can find her schedule via their website:


"Yoga takes you into the present moment.
The only place where life exists."

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