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Healing Arts

for the mind, body, soul & spirit

All of these services are trauma informed with a unique approach of working with and embodying all layers of the being. 


1:1 Sessions with Justine

Justine's session are a unique merge of Reiki Healing, Craniosacral Therapy, Internal Tracking & Sound Therapy.

She has completed - Reiki Levels I, 2, 3 & 4 & has been practicing Reiki for 20 years, as well as -  

Level 1 Craniosacral Therapy, Level 1 Visionary Craniosacral Therapy, Level 1 Internal Tracking, Sound is Medicine Training, Abhyangam Ayurvedic Massage Training, Yoga Bodyworkers & is an E-YRT 5oohr Yoga Teacher.

Her session's are very much about listening & following the bodies intelligence to rewire, recalibrate & regulate the nervous system - whilst working to change the brain biology to bring the body back into it's natural & healthy state of being.

Where safety & resource resource is embodied, allowing one to feel calm, open, clear, settled & innately connected to their spirit.

This process doesn't happen over night and generally the first session with Justine is about both of your systems becoming familiar with another, so you feel safe enough to let her in and allow the deeper layers to unfold & resolve over time. 

There's no pushing or forcing, just a gentle allowing, unfurling and opening back up to oneself, to then live from that place underneath the traumas, stories, narratives etc. A place in learning & embodying who you really are! LOVE.

Session Energy Exchange:

Session price for one off sessions
1x session $160

Session prices for those committed to ongoing work
1 x session $130
3 x sessions $360 with upfront payment 
6 x sessions $660 with upfront payment

Corporate Sessions

For all industries, companies & work environments whom want to support the health & wellbeing of their employees to prevent burn out & to increase team rapport, performance, resilience, relationships & attitudes within the workplace.

Justine offeres 90 minute sessions to full day workshops.

Every corporate session is unique & catered to the needs & wants of the group & to their level of understanding & experience. 

Please enquire within for more information or to obtain a quote

New Client Information Form

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