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Reiki Ryoho (Therapy) I & II Practitioner Training

Reiki isn't a religion or belief system, it's a path to satori (enlightenment), it’s a spiritual practise with ways to guide us along this path to love & truth; helping others to do the same....

Reiki Ryoho (therapy) is a spiritual & therapeutic practise that involves a sacred union in ceremony between both the practitioner and client. A sacred and safe space to explore the internal landscapes through feeling, sensing, touching, seeing, hearing & knowing.
An unraveling, unfolding & unfurling of blocked &/or stagnant chi that is stuck old belief systems, patterns, developmental & generational trauma, stored emotions, fears, grief and suppression. Using our whole body to explore the depths of ones somatic maps to clear, realign, balance, acknowledge and heal. 

If the energy stays stuck it can manifest and eventually cause many physical & physiological issues such as; PTSD and the many constructs that can form from there, as well as auto- immune diseases, eating disorders, mental illnesses like depression, anxiety & bipolar etc. and physical illnesses like cancer, tumours, inflammation, heart & digestive problems - just to name a few. 

This sacred therapeutic practise is safe, gentle, nurturing, reassuring, comforting, grounded and slow. As in it travels at the pace of which the client is prepared & comfortable with, so we can gently remove layer upon layer to go deeper, befriending and working with all the defences and shadow content that shows up along the way. So we don’t move beyond either and surface what the body is not yet able to process.

The main objective of Reiki Ryoho is to tap into and work with the nervous system, chakra system, endocrine system & organs. So the intelligence of the body can do what it needs to do to reset, realign & find its back back to its natural rhythm. Reaching optimum health and well-being. 

During this practitioner training, I will be teaching students the foundations of the first two levels of the Reiki Ryoho system, which are:


Level 1 (Shoden)

Shoden means 'first or beginning teaching.' The focus in the Shoden Degree is primarily on self-healing, health and happiness, as well as treating others. Students gain a basic knowledge of Reiki Ryoho and its history and learn the fundamentals of the hands-on healing practice. Emphasis is placed on learning non-attachment through hands-on practice and self-healing, self-improvement methods. 


Level 2 (Chuden)

Chuden means ‘middle’ or ‘intermediate’ teaching. The focus of Chuden is on helping others through distant healing and to help the student become more aware of the concept of ‘Non-duality’, and of their connection to and impact upon the world around them. This practice can enable the student to enhance their own energy levels and sensitivity.


We will also be exploring & learning more about the:

- Theory & History of Reiki
- Chakra System & Kosha's (energetics), as well as personal energetic practises for self-care & building chi
- Nervous System & a trauma informed approach to Reiki Ryoho


The workshop is designed so that after learning the first two levels of Reiki, you will leave confident enough to start practising on yourself & others.


About the facilitator

& lineage

Justine now weaves both Japanese Traditional Reiki & Shamanic Reiki together, channeling the energies from above, below & from all directions; working with the animistic beings, our ancestors, elemental kingdom, directional guardians, divine feminine, masculine and plant allies - bridging the gap of not just working with above (spirit) but also with below (the earth) and all that is already here.

When we work with the spirits and energies that reside on and within the earth they have a deeper sense of  safety for the client that you’re working with, which then supports a deeper letting go of the nervous system into the parasympathetic nervous state – the only place the body can heal itself. 

So rather than drawing the energy down through the crown and staying in our heads which is creating a split, we draw the energy up through the soles of our feet & through our entire skin body keeping us embodied and in our power & hearts, whilst holding space.

Justine Sydenham started practicing Reiki from the young age of 16 - which led her down many pathways of spiritual and self-discovery, exploring many forms of healing arts all over the world, she has learnt from four different Reiki Masters; Colin Harding, Jacky Haworth, William Lee Rand & Hyakuten Innamoto, in which covered all Reiki Lineages alive today.

After practising traditional reiki for over 19 years she was guided to take a break from this style, to integrate & create space for other wisdoms and teachings to drop in. Where she then found Inner Body Tracking/Somatic Mapping. This therapeutic practise helped her integrate everything she had ever learnt and inspired her to find a new way to merge them all into one practise and body of work that was trauma sensitive in all aspects.

And so after nearly 20 years of study & practise, Justine Sydenham has created her own lineage of Reiki Ryoho.

This style of Reiki Ryoho is unique and was created from nearly two decades of study, exploration and experience in and with many forms of the healing arts being:

  • Traditional Japanese Reiki

  • Hatha, Forest, Yin & Trauma informed Yoga

  • Yoga Bodyworkers

  • Abhyangam Ayurvedic Massage

  • Inner Body Tracking 

  • Plant Medicines 

  • Ancient Andean Mesa Traditions

A message from Justine - 

This body of work is my life’s findings from a long path of deep longing and searching for a new way – a healthy way that I can rest into during these times of the great turning. 

These practises, rituals and tools I have embodied and live. They are my life, my saviour and keep me sane… Through the depths of depression, anxiety, fear & PTSD - I have managed to find a natural healthy way of coping and healing without falling into the systematic ways that suppress and oppress us, that make us feel more alone and sicker than ever… 

Let’s all take a deep dive together into the dark corners of our soul to release the deep stored locked away old wells of emotion that we haven’t ever been able to express, that are now keeping us unwell. Let’s open up the flood gates and release the old ways of shutting down, pushing aside, running away from or fighting against and collectively create a new way of being that is open, expressive, healthy, expansive, safe, secure, & accepted to remember our power, rights, gifts, offerings, purpose and light in this world. 

It doesn’t have to be hard or harsh or tiring and relentless. There is a way to meet this work with compassion, patience, nurturance and gentle loving touch. After all this is exactly what our systems need. So no more fighting or pushing or striving… Let’s slow down dear ones and take better care of ourselves.

I am honoured to share this work with you, as this has been the very fabric of my healing journey, it has pulled me out of my darkest of hours & guided me back to the light, to emerge into the woman I am & are always becoming. Strong, fierce, passionate, firing, wild & free.

It is my deepest prayer that this sacred energy medicine immersion - in your own way does the same for you & is also a reminder of the strength & courage that you have within to come into your fullness and be who you came here to be. 


May we respect & humbly approach this work as necessary right now to heal ourselves, each other, our families, communities & all of humanity.

With love,


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