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Reiki Ryoho (Therapy)

Reiki Ryoho is a spiritual & therapeutic practise that involves a sacred union in ceremony between both the practitioner and client. A sacred and safe space to explore the internal landscapes. An unraveling, unfolding & unfurling of blocked &/or stagnant energy that maybe stuck old belief systems, patterns, developmental & generational trauma, stored emotions, fears, grief and suppression. If the energy stays stuck it can manifest and eventually cause many physical & physiological issues & illnesses.


This sacred therapeutic practise is safe, gentle, nurturing, reassuring, comforting, grounded and slow. As in it travels at the pace of which the client is prepared & comfortable with, so we can gently remove layer upon layer to go deeper, befriending and working with all the defences and shadow content that shows up along the way. Various tools and instruments are used in these sessions such as; plant cleansing allies, rattles, the medicine drum, crystal singing bowls, Tibetan singing bowls, koshi chimes, chakra chimes and voice channeling.


The main objective and benefits of Reiki Ryoho is to tap into and work with the nervous system, chakra system, endocrine system & organs clearing and transmuting energetic blockages & stagnation held within all of these systems. So the intelligence of the body can do what it needs to do to reset, realign & find its way back to its natural rhythm. Promoting a deeply peaceful and relaxing state, as well as helping the client reach optimum physical and mental health and well-being, increasing energy levels, relieving pain, stress and discomfort within the body.


These personal sessions start with a brief check-in and nervous system reset practises, followed by a gentle guided relaxation meditation - which then weaves into an intuitive flow of ceremony, Reiki channeling, sonic vibrational therapy and gentle cranial sacral release methods. The client is fully clothed, lying on the table and the focus is shifting, clearing energetic blockages in a non-invasive and gentle way. Which also helps to down regulate the nervous system and is deeply relaxing.

Integrative Bodywork

Bodywork is a means of communicating with another being through the medium of Touch. The communication is happening within the neuro-muscular-fascial-fatty-lymphatic-vascularized sleeve of tissue that surrounds everything in the body down to bone, organs, & brain. 

The method of communication is through engaging this sleeve of tissue in an infinite number of ways. 

Through Bodywork we listen and feel what is “the truth” within the tissues as they present in a given moment. The body will communicate the truth of its structural stress, its compensations in its breath patterns, and its zones of natural uptake. If you listen with your hands the body will communicate so much more than a person’s answer to the question, “how does your body feel?”

The conversation happening in bodywork can go in many directions depending upon how we use touch. The dialogue I seek is to meet someone at the level where they can receive me. To be in a breath by breath interplay of feeling and releasing tension at the organic rate that is unique to each person. This gives someone control so they learn how to let go of control and feel what is beneath that, safely, without being overstimulated or put into defense mode.

It is at the “neural edge” that communication becomes fascinating. Every tissue has a neural edge to it, whether it is locked short or long or interwoven deeply between layers or especially if there is emotional reactivity laden in the tissues. If you press in too hard too fast, this communicates a threat even if your intentions to release the tissues are good. The response to a threat is to contract against it. This is a very confusing form of communication because it is nearly impossible to be in a state of release and defense simultaneously. 

When the entire neuro-muscular-fascial-fatty-lymphatic-vascularized sleeve is engaged in a way that its entirety feels good, than the deeper layers of adhesions, scars, and compensatory patterns show and release themselves with more ease. 

Integrative Bodywork involves moving through a uniquely alchemised sequence based on your bodies needs, story & what’s showing up in present time. Applying gentle hands on assists, cranial sacral release methods & nervous system reset practises to guide, support and uncover deeper openings within all of the bodily systems to help them gain flow and function properly and naturally.

These sessions are reciprocating in that both the practitioner and client are equally giving and receiving to create a deeper relational flow, which then allows a deeper opening into working with the clients system & parts to go beyond the protections & defences for longer lasting changes. This also helps one find their voice and explore boundary setting within a safe and supported environment.

The main objective and benefits of Integrative bodywork is helping the client to form a deeper relationship with themselves as well as integrate all parts of their  being  through  changing their systems unhealthy default modes to recalibrate, rewire and form new neural pathways of healthy relational connection and function, which also helps to heal their nervous system, body and mind.

These sessions can also help to uncover the roots cause of what’s showing up in the physical body, as well as shift stagnation, tightness and contraction, which helps to increase energy levels, mobility and flexibility.

These personal sessions start with a brief check-in and nervous system reset practises, followed by a gentle guided meditation - which then weaves into an intuitive flow of guided breath work, gentle hands-on assists and bodywork massage - focusing on fascia & somatic release and a deep down regulation of the nervous system. The client is fully clothed, lying on the table, supporting these sessions in being a safe and gentle approach to somatic release and healing.

Internal Tracking & Somatic Mapping


Internal Tracking & Somatic Mapping is a body centred therapeutic system which functions as an integral modality. It also acts as a platform from which to engage in a broad range of complimentary therapeutic work.


This process based system enables a deep exploration into the workings of our internal landscapes, creating opportunity to address the core issues underlying mental health imbalances and physical symptoms. The study of this work can offer a new practitioner a solid foundation for the creation of a therapeutic practice and can also enhance and readily integrate into a pre existing practice.


Founded by Integrative Therapist Purdie Wood, Internal Tracking is a navigational tool which enables us to investigate and attend to the complexities of our inner workings. The process is collaborative in nature and together the client and practitioner follow a trajectory that acts on instinctual response. This leads to where attention is most needed within the system and can culminate in different types of work taking place across various fields.


There is a fluidity of movement between the energetic layers of the physical body, the realm of the soul and the psycho-emotional fields. This dance allows intimate engagement with unconscious or unprocessed material in ways that enable digestion, release, reintegration and regulation.


Internal Tracking is an entry point into the rich intricacies of our internal map, giving us a vantage point from which to engage in various forms of restorative work, such as:


+ strengthening connection to places of internal resource

+ reparation of energetic pathways

+ addressing embedded holding patterns, including dissociation and shut down

+ supporting the return and integration of vital energy

+ nourishing places of depletion

+ release of trauma and misplaced energy

+ integrating fragmented aspects of the psyche

+ deepening the capacity for embodiment

+ restoration of post-traumatic neural function

+ soothing overstimulation and dysregulation

+ supporting insight into unconscious content

+ rebuilding and repatterning positive neural networks

+ reinvigorating places of stagnancy, numbness and contraction

+ opening to deeper forms of body centred Intelligence


Often people come to this work looking to understand presenting symptoms and to work on trauma but many are simply drawn to it as a pathway for enriching their quality of life. Many people are looking for richer and deeper forms of engagement within their lives and are wanting to strengthen their relationship with themselves in order to deepen their connection to the people around them.


The creation of this deeply nourishing therapeutic system has been influenced by Purdie’s depth of experience and training in a range of diverse fields including:


Voice Dialogue

Visionary Craniosacral Therapy

Soul Retrieval

Gestalt Therapy

Trauma theory

Sound as Medicine work and

Curanderismo (of the Peruvian Amazon)


By working with this somatic approach we are ultimately moving towards the restoration and fortification of vital energy within the body and strengthening connection to the benevolent powers of our internal worlds.

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