Clear Quartz Mentorship

4-months around the Medicine Wheel to find purpose and clarity

As we journey through each direction we will explore & delve deep into the medicine of each phase as well as our own inner landscapes, along with the guidance & wisdoms of the guardians, spirits, teachers lesson givers & elders holding space for us. 

During the 4-months together you will receive:

  • Your own personal medicine bundle based on your date, time & place birth

  • A Numerology reading - with life purpose & yearly guidance

  • 1on1 check-in support sessions every 3 weeks

  • The sacred Moon wisdom womb Medicine Wheel for woman 

  • Ancient Altar traditions & wisdoms to practise your own altar work & rituals 

  • Online yoga, meditation, movement & moon ritual practises

We will also:

  • Pause certain unhealthy habits & call in new healthy habits as a guide 

  • Manifest & magnetise where you want to be & how you want to feel at the end of the four months​

Every direction & element has its own medicine & presents the life experiences necessary in supporting your intention & life’s prayer/ vision.

Which will teach you how to:

- Explore, listen & connect more deeply with your own bodies intelligence, intuition & innate wisdom

- Cultivate & harness personal power & strength from the inside out 

- Find a sense of clarity & purpose with what aligns to your heart & highest self

- Perform weekly offerings, altar work & monthly lunar rituals

There will be specific practises for each phase of the medicine wheel that have a specific alchemy in complementing each other with assisting you to heal ancestral trauma, soul retrieval, shed layers, strip back conditioning, let go of patterns, limiting beliefs & anything that is holding you back from claiming your space & Rising into your truth.

You can start your Clear Quartz Mentorship whenever you like.

This is part of the four-phase Crystal Mentorships, which have been channeled from the crystal kingdom to help raise the vibration of Mother Earth helping one beautiful human at a time. 

Investment = $880

Which can be paid in either 1,2 ,3 or 4 instalments. Please advise on application. 

To apply, please message or email Justine@omniahealingarts.com

If you have any questions or need help manifesting this into your life, reach out!

Walk in beauty

Love always