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Rose Quartz Mentorship

1-month Reset - of loving you

Are you feeling blah, lost, depressed, down &/or disconnected from the beauty of life &/or yourself?

Or have lost hope & are in despair with all the roller coaster energies swirling around?

This 1-month reset of loving you is designed to open your heart, reignite your spirit, raise your energy levels & restore your faith & hope through daily self-love, yoga, meditation & gratitude practises specifically personalised to YOU.

During this month we will:

  • Have weekly 1on1 check-in support sessions

  • Design a daily/weekly routine for you to stick to that is achievable for you

  • Write personalised daily yoga & meditation practises

(which will be recorded, so you can do it whenever you like)

  • Pause certain unhealthy habits & call in new healthy habits as a guide 

  • Manifest & magnetise where you want to be & how you want to feel at the end of the month 

You can start your Rose Quartz Mentorship whenever you like, however I suggest starting under the magic of the New Moon.

This is part of the four-phase Crystal Mentorships, which have been channeled from the crystal kingdom to help raise the vibration of Mother Earth helping one beautiful human at a time. 

Investment = $330

Which can be paid in either 1,2 or 3 instalments. Please advise on application. 

There is also ONE scholarship available, to receive the Rose Quartz Mentorship at NO cost. 

To apply, please message or email

If you have any questions or need help manifesting this into your life, reach out!

Walk in beauty

Love always


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