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Chakra Flow Workshop Series

An 8 week exploration of the chakra system through prayer, intention, breath, movement, embodiment, expression, sensory inhibition, meditation & self-inquiry.

Every chakra has a specific influence on our holistic self-expression.

BODY.MIND.SPIRIT. Every facet of the human subtle bodies have the light and shadows aspects & within that we all have a story, lessons to learn, karma to burn & circumstances to work out.

During this 8 week workshop series we explore all of the above & the god within ourselves. We explore our own levels of consciousness & own current realities in present, past & future time....
Through these specific practises and awareness we receive prana that allows for the space within ourselves to heal & within this safe space we open, expand & ascend to allow limitless opportunities to come in.

Week 1. Introduction. & Philiosophy of the Chakra System
Week 2. Root Chakra
Week 3. Sacral Chakra
Week 4. Solar Plexus Chakra
Week 5. Heart Chakra
Week 6. Throat Chakra
Week 7. Third Eye Chakra
Week 8. Crown Chakra

Investment - 

Payment options:
Funds transfer
Miss J Sydenham
BSB 082 811
ACC: 550 110 888

Once you have made payment, you will then be granted access to this online 8 week series.

Every practise is a new opportunity to begin again. New body, new you & new relationship to self.
Each practise reveals something new about yourself, to stay present with, observe & listen.
To remain open to allow a new level of awareness to occur.

Ignore the story & see the soul & remember to LOVE, you will never regret it.


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