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Over 4 months
Starting September 17

This 50hr Teaching Mentorship is for anyone who has done any style &/or level of Yoga, meditation or Pilates teacher training or are a teacher within the field of the healing arts realm and are yearning to grow, expand and stand into their truth as an individual, sovereign being & teacher.

Emergence - The process of becoming seen
Latin term: Emergere - which means bring to light
A remembering
A becoming
Emerging into the light

It is an opportunity for you to find your voice & unique creative expression to then share from that place of experience & embodiment versus intellectual knowledge.

This mentorship is over four months & broken down into four modules which will include:
4 x in-person group training days (New Moon)
17/9, 15/10, 12/11, 10/12
3 x in-person full moon support circles 
1/10, 29/10, 26/11
4 x 1:1 sessions
- focused on business mentoring, personal & spiritual development & integrative somatic healing work
& Ongoing group support

During this time we will explore various practises through theoretical & experiential methods to learn:

- How to meet & navigate the teachings & lessons that arise from this role
- How to overcome imposter syndrome and rewire any limiting beliefs &/or trauma patterning
- The four pillars of holding space
- How to teach & hold space from truth behind storylines with a trauma informed approach
- How to run a wellness business & build your student base

We will also be leaning into & gently moving through limiting beliefs, blocks, fears & traumas - that are suppressing you from teaching confidently, clearly & authentically.

Being a teacher & space holder is the biggest teacher of all, as it acts as a potent mirror - reflecting back to us both our shadow and our light. Within that all parts of ourselves seen and unseen are exposed and so the opportunities constantly arise to resolves those parts or alternatively push them away, only for them to get louder.

This mentorship is a safe space to lean into & embrace all of those parts to essentially emerge & wholly stand into sharing your innate wisdom & gifts from a place of integrity, grace & humility.
It is a profound body of work and journey for personal & spiritual growth & development as an individual. An opportunity to stop hiding in the shadows & fully emerge into light.

Cost: $1000
Which can be paid over 4 x $250 payments monthly or fortnightly or 10 x $100 payments weekly

Please contact Justine directly for more information or to book in an intro connection call.

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