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Ritual & Ceremony for Rites of Passage

An honouring & acknowledgement of life's significant phases


Justine offers private & specifically crafted ritual & ceremony for rites of passage milestones for women.

This is a sacred space for you & your beloveds to honour & acknowledgement with deep intention & prayer to prepare you for these specific initiations & phases we all go through in life.

Which are:

🩸 Menarche Ritual & Ceremony- For teenage women to honour their first bleed

🌹Blessing Way Ritual & Ceremony 

- For pregnant women who are about to give birth

- For all women who are about to get married

During this ritual & ceremony we will meet in sacred circle to collective deepen into an honouring & acknowledgement of you & this special time, as well as send up the prayer & intentions to spirit & divine mother for this next phase of your life - to support you to gracefully move through this rite of passage. 

These are uniquely catered for the individual & includes the following:

- a preparation catch up to plan what you want and how you want it to flow

- studio hire at Sangha Studio for the ritual & ceremony

- altar tools & set up, we will do this together

- 2hr ritual & ceremony

Please contact Justine for more info or to book.

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