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What is Shamanic Reiki

Shamanic Reiki, before anything else, is an art form. It is the art of the Shaman using the eternal flame of the polarity of their Divine Masculine, and the sacred power of the polarity of their Divine Feminine, to reach into the pregnant void and pull down Source Wisdom for an individual.

To break Shamanic Reiki down into its two parts:

Shamanism is to Journey into the Spirit World and into the Unconscious of the individual and Cosmic Collective/ Collective Consciousness to retrieve information.

Reiki is Universal Life Force Energy. In other words, Reiki is a stream of energy that connects all living beings. In this practice, I place my hands on or above the 7 main Chakras (energetic wheels) of the body to restore discordant energy. The Chakras I focus on are Crown (connection to God), Third Eye (intuition), Throat (ability to express oneself), Heart (ability to give and receive love), Solar Plexus (confidence and how we show up in the world), Sacral (emotions and sensuality), and Root (physical and survival needs being met).

Because we interact with energies outside of our own constantly, both positive and negative energies can throw off or bring balance to our Chakras. When negative energy cycles into our Chakra system though, our Light becomes distorted, and if one Chakra is out of balance, they all go out of balance.

Though it is impossible to have balanced Chakras at all times, we can always improve their health and vitality. Reiki uses Universal Life Force Energy and Nature Spirit Energy to bring Light back into an individual’s energetic system.

The idea of Shamanism and Reiki is that certain negative experiences and/or traumas that we have gone through create a shock that causes our Soul to fragment.

This Soul fragmentation trickles down from our mental body, into our astral body, down to our emotional body, our auric body and finally to our physical body.

This fragmentation leaves room for negative energies stemming from the memories of the trauma to be stored in all the seen and unseen aspects of ourselves. This then plays out in our physical body as physical or psychological issues. It plays out when we get emotionally triggered by something that reminds us of the original wound. And the trauma also plays out in our outer physical reality, when we experience similar situations or are met with similar people to the ones that caused the original wound.

This mirroring reinforces not only the trauma, but also the beliefs we have about ourselves and the world.

This cycle can continue, keeping us in a prison we feel trapped in but feel we have no escape from.


Here’s the concept that is going to make the Universe and its Laws of a mystery, though they will always remain mysterious:

Our Physical reality operates like a mirror.

This mirror reality reflects all aspects of ourselves, the Light and the Shadow, back to us, so that we can experience ourselves.

We also mirror the Universe so that the Universe or Source, can experience itself. The Universe/Source is simultaneously mirroring us while we are mirroring it. Why? Why does it work like this? So that we can heal, absolutely.
But also, Expansion.

Expansion, or growth of consciousness, is the whole purpose of our being here.

Expansion happens through not only understanding and awareness, but through the most powerful force in the universe – Love.

When we see ourselves mirrored back to us in our physical reality, usually through other people, we have the opportunity to illuminate the aspects of ourselves that we love even more. When we see the aspects of ourselves mirrored back to us that are representative of our Shadow, we tend to discard, deny, and ignore them. But, this is also an opportunity to understand our selves in a deeper way, love those parts, heal, have compassion, and integrate our Shadows into our Light.

With Reiki, we are bringing back Love and Light into the soul where it will permeate through all the subtle bodies, and transmute the negative energies caused by different traumas.

Nature does not like a vacuum, so we must replace the negative energies with Love and Light.

With Shamanism, we are Journeying as an observer to, not reliving, the events or moments after the events that have caused trauma and fragmentation, to bring the Soul back into a state of Oneness.

Again, this state of oneness which is our natural state is mirroring Source, which we are never separate from.

Returning to Oneness

There are many methods to bring a Soul back into Oneness, some including: Cord Cutting, Inner Child Work, Soul Loss Prevention, Soul Retrieval, and Intrusion Removal.

Know that our natural state is Non-Duality (oneness), Light and Love.

Source Energy is pure Unconditional Love.

When we remove anything that is unnatural – negative entities caused by negative energies, and beliefs or belief systems that are not in alignment with our Highest Self – we come that much closer to experiencing our Soul, and Unconditional Love for ourselves and others.

Because our natural state is Love, we must take everything in existence as well as all aspects of ourselves as being not separate from us, but a part of us.

Shamanic Reiki promotes the awareness of being one with all that is, and of our own fears so that we may understand them and alchemize them into love.

That is what being a Shamanic Reiki Practitioner is. It is someone who actualizes their ability to be the light in the dark.

Every choice that we make that aligns us with love is aligning us with our Highest Selves.

How Do You Practice Shamanic Reiki?

When practicing on & with others, we help them to make choices that are in alignment with love, which raises their vibration, making them a vibrational match to all that they desire

Your vibration is unique to you. It is the internal hum that attracts and repels all experiences. Your vibration can rise or drop depending on your experiences, thoughts, and emotions. When your vibration drops, it is called Descension. When your vibration rises, it is called Ascension.

The goal is to help clients go from a state or path of Descension to a path of Ascension.

But the work must be done. The Shadow Work must be done. All Shadow Work is making that which is subconscious, conscious. Meaning, we work to understand our wounds, where they came from, why they are there, what caused them, and how we can forgive and love them. This releases the negative energy from the wound, making that aspect of ourselves that was previously in the Shadow, float into the Light.

This is Integration. When we integrate, we expand, and when we expand, we experience more of the universe and ourselves as multidimensional, and we have more room to merge more of our Soul into our body.

This is how we experience the magic that our world has to offer. The magic is always there, all we need to do is turn towards ourselves.

We are walking Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine beings.

What Conditions Can Shamanic Reiki Help With?

To note, Shamanic Reiki can help with:

  • Anxiety

  • Depression

  • Relationships

  • Feeling Stuck

  • Feeling Lost

  • Connection to One’s Self

  • Connection to Others

  • Connection to God/Source/Universe

  • Shadow Work (subconscious)

  • Light Work (conscious)

  • Inner Child Work

  • Loneliness and Hopelessness

  • Understanding

  • Empathy

  • Compassion

  • Physical Ailments

  • Stress

  • Positive Thinking

  • Chakra Measuring

  • Chakra Balancing

  • Life Path

  • Alignment

  • Integration

  • Every part of our being on a spiritual and physical level that is wounded either from conditioning, lower vibrational programming, childhood trauma, past-life trauma, present-day obstacles, or other negative experiences, benefits from the practice of Shamanic Reiki.

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