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Week 6. Vishuddha Chakra

Light – Communication / Shadow – Lies

Color – Blue / Element – Sound

STEP 1: Read theory & take notes

The Vishuddha chakra. Vishuddha means purification. A dynamic & expressive vortex connecting to what we feel in our heart to what we know in our mind & manifesting the way in which we communicate this integration with the world. It teaches us the life lessons that revolve around self-expression, choice, strength of will, finding one’s voice & communication. When there is congruency to what we think & feel, then the clarity of our outer voice will reflect the wisdom of our inner voice, our words their potency & power are responsible for what we create.

This chakra symbol is all about choice, willpower and the right to speak and be heard. Speaking our peace is our God given right of choice. Having said this, not all we say gives us peace. Some of what we say dis-empowers us...some empowers. What we say is caused by unloving or loving imprints from our past.

It is through this chakra that we manifest what we want in life. A healthy throat chakra makes your voice clear and it resonates with truth. The words are a creative expression of the honesty and trust we feel within.

Blocks in this chakra make it difficult to communicate because we feel suppressed by swallowed emotions and feelings. The voice is weak and your feelings unclear or garbled. Integrity plays a huge part in the proper functioning of the throat chakra. Since it’s between the head and the heart it works to maintain integrity between what we think and what we feel. Self-empowerment is the main lesson of this chakra symbol.

- When this chakra is blocked it affects the throat, thyroid, neck, esophagus, mouth, jaw, teeth, shoulders, arms & hands

- The life circumstances that can block this chakra include lies, mixed messages, verbal abuse, excessive criticism, secrets, authoritarian parents, alcoholic or chemical dependent families

- When we are deficient we can have a fear of speaking, have a small weak voice, have difficulty putting our feelings into words, we can be introverted, shy, have poor rhythm and be tone deaf

- When we are excessive we talk too much, or talk as a defense, we gossip, interrupt, have a dominating voice, have the inability to listen

- The physical challenges that may indicate that there’s a block are disorders of the throat, ears, voice, neck, tightness in the jaw

Opening Prayer

Dear spirit,

May this practice free me from the limited perceptions that block me from my truth, inhibit my voice & silence is my creative potential

May I gently confront the secrets that have disconnected me from my knowing, the denial that has repressed me from my truth & the lies that keep me disconnected from own well-being

May I know the truth, may I see the truth, may I speak the truth & may I feel & express the truth from my heart.

Blessed Be.


STEP 2: Practise Vishuddha asana video

(click below link to start)​​

STEP 3: Read the below & then in your journal respond to the questions that are resonating with you. 


Finding our voice & speaking our truth is an essential part of our healing, we can often stifle our truth because of trauma shutting down this vital energy center

Is this an area of exploration or you?

Some of the questions you might want to consider when exploring this chakra would be around communication, truth, integrity & creativity

How easily can you communicate your feelings with others?

Do you become scared when you need to speak up for yourself?

Or speak out when something is not right?

Has there been a difference between what you say you believe & how you live your life?

Do you honour the voice within that wants expression?

What does it want to say?

Have you found your own ‘voice’? If yes, can you express it?

Do you know yourself? If yes, can you express your truth honestly and 

Do you have health problems in the throat region?

Your throat chakra also helps you clearly communicate that which you 
need, desire and believe in. Can you do this? Are you sharing with others how you feel, what you believe in and what is 
dear to you?

Do you express your thoughts and feelings so others understand?

Is your voice clear and resonant when you speak?

Do you believe you have the right to make choices for yourself that empower you?

Are you a good listener?

Do you lie in order to get your way?

Do you have a good sense of timing and rhythm?

Is your head and your heart going in opposite directions?

To find our voice means we would also have to take ownership of our truth, it is often easier to remain silent, than face the risks that radical communication can bring

What would it meant to find your voice?

What would change?

As we awaken and heal the traumas and challenges that can block our throat chakra we can live more creatively, speak more effortlessly our truth, listen to the truth of others with more sensitivity & passion & communicate more clearly as well as take responsibility of our choices.

When our heads & our hearts are in alignment, the words we speak reflects that resonance, breathe deeply into your throat opening.

What is it you really want to say?

What is your truth?

To whom does this truth need to be shared?

What limited belief is holding you back from your fullest self-expression?

What are you willing to create?

In what ways are you already manifesting?

Closing Prayer

Dear Spirit,

May we continue to let go of anything that blocks our self-expression, so that we may find our voice and speak our truth & align our will with that of the will of GOD. May the words we use port, heal, empower & enrich the lives of others.

May we take full responsibility for our choices and work diligently to let go of the lies & secrets that repress us & instead empower ourselves to embrace truth & the language of spirit which is love.

May love be the divine word of our soul & the vibration from which all creation is made manifest.

May I know the truth, may I see the truth, may I speak the truth & may I feel & express the truth from my heart.

Blessed Be.



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