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Week 5. Anahata Chakra

Means Unstruck

Light – Love / Shadow – Grief

Color – Green / Element – Air

STEP 1: Read theory & take notes

Anahata means unstruck & shifts our emotional perceptions from the literal and individual to the abstract & interdependent. It teaches us the life lessons related to intimacy, devotion, forgiveness & above all LOVE which is our highest nature & most divine expression & determines the true quality of our lives. The color is green, and the element is air & like love it is expansive, infinite & necessary for our survival. This vibrant & expansive vortex reveals our issues related to empathy, understanding, acceptance & surrender & opens us to a deeper emotional relationship & connection with each other, the planet & GOD. 

It's at this chakra that we start to see the possibilities of the internal and external world.

The world of spirit and of form. The heart chakra is the integration point for the seven chakras of the body, because it holds the sacred spark of the divine and the intuition of the Mother.

When the heart chakra symbol is open, we are able to forgive, our lungs are clear and our immune systems are healthy. The higher chakras cannot be accessed untill we pass through the heart. A heavy heart is one that carries resentment and anger from denied feeling and emotions, as well as guilt.

The heart chakra is our ability to love.

-      When this chakra is blocked it affect the heart, circulatory system, ribs, breasts, lungs, shoulders, arms, hands

-      The life circumstances that can block this chakra are rejection, abandonment, loss, shaming, constant criticism, grief, death of a loved one

-      Other traumas could include divorce, a loveless cold environment, conditional love, sexual or physical abuse, betrayal

-      When we are deficient in the heart chakra we can be anti- social, withdrawn, cold, judgmental, critical, intolerant of self or others

-      Other deficient qualities include loneliness, isolation, depression, fear of intimacy, fear of relationships & lack of empathy

-      When we are excessive we can be co-dependent, have poor boundaries, are demanding, clingy, jealous & overly sacrificing

-      The physical challenges can be disorders of the heart & lungs, breast cancer, circulation problems, asthma, pneumonia, immune system deficiencies.

Opening Prayer

Calling in the GOD of our understanding, may this practice open my heart so that I can love profoundly, intimately, fearlessly myself, each other & this magnificent world. May I heal my wounds of grief & be released from my resentments, may sincere understanding & compassion illuminate my truest nature awakening me to the beauty, mystery & the joy that is this life. 

May I know the truth, may I see the truth, may I speak the truth & may I feel & express the truth from my heart.

Blessed Be.



STEP 2: Practise Anahata asana video

(click below link to start)

STEP 3: Read the below & then in your journal respond to the questions that are resonating with you. 


The shadow of this chakra is grief, is this an emotion you relate to?

How has grief impacted your life?

Questions to explore when examining the heart chakra would be about peace, unity, purity, innocence & of course LOVE

Do you long for tranquility & harmony in your life?

Where do you go to find peace?

Do you feel connected to others?

Can you be united with others & still maintain your boundaries?

Do you acknowledge the friendships that sustain your life?

Do you recognize the places inside you that are completely pure?

Can you release the idea that you are bad or some of the things you have done?

What is innocent about you?

In what ways do you protect this very tender aspect of self?

Do you love & honor yourself enough to handle the hurt, sadness & unconsciousness around you without blaming others?

Do you experience love in your life?

Have you opened yourself to that love?

Can you receive it, allow it, surrender to it?

Do you give yourself the love you deserve by you just being you?

Do you feel love for animals, nature, mother earth, other people? Do you feel the love of GOD?

Who are the people in your life that receive your love? Are you generous with it?

Do you offer it gladly? Or do you resist, resent, Hold, deny? Why?

What does forgiveness mean to you? Is it something that you are open to? 

Can you forgive yourself for the things that you done? 

Can you forgive yourself for thinking you should have known better?

Can you forgive others for the same thing? Who can’t you forgive? Why?

What would change in your life if you could forgive?

Do you have a passionate love life, a harmonious family life and/or nourishing and stimulating friendships?

Have you found your dream job?

Do you have hobbies that you adore?

Are you surrounded by love, support and beauty?

Do you allow yourself time alone for you?

Do you practice true forgiveness by seeing your own faults?

Do you carry a lot of sadness and emotional wounds in your heart that you don't want to accept and look at?

Are you able to let go of controlling everything and letting a balance between intellect and your feeling emotions have control?

This energy center resonates with our emotional perceptions, the way we feel not what we think, ultimately determines the true quality of our lives 

Understanding & releasing emotional pain can help us to reach a state of peace, acceptance & tranquility.

Do you tend to hold onto your emotions?

Your heart chakra also keeps your heart open and loving. It does this by acting as a type of ‘purification system,’ cleansing all your chakras of any negative emotions and keeping your entire energy field positive. It is the job of the heart chakra to keep you loving, and vibrating on a positive frequency so that ‘all that you love’ will easily flow into your life. A properly working heart chakra easily and effortlessly creates a life full of all the things you love.

To have a healthy heart, you must allow these suppressed emotions to surface, heal, and fall in love with yourselves. Or, suffer from bitterness and lack of forgiveness. An unhealthy heart chakra causes alone feelings and despair. How you love yourselves, you love others. The heart lessons are self-love and forgiveness of yourself.

Closing Prayer

We give thanks to god for all the souls who have crossed our paths, who awaken us to love, who provide us with the life lessons that deepen our compassion, and ignite our spirits of blaze with their guidance, may love influence all of our choices and deepen our relationship to each other & this planet. May we have the grace to move beyond our story, beyond our resentment & embrace instead the healing energy of forgiveness. Always.

May love define our humanity, may truth express our divinity & may GOD bless each moment and all beings as one.

May love prevail & may peace be its blessed consequence.



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