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Week 4. Solar Plexus Chakra

Means Lustrous Gem

Light – Power / Shadow – Shame

Colour – Yellow / Element – Fire

STEP 1: Read theory & take notes

Manipura is a transformative & fiery vortex that moves our awareness from collective to the individual. From group thinking to self-responsibility. From foundation to activation. It provides us with the life lessons that teach us about individuation, our ego, autonomy & self-confidence. When we have a strong sense of our spiritual identity we don’t need to look to the outside world for validation. True empowerment comes from the inside out & our self-confidence reflects this knowing. 

This chakra looks after your stomach, liver and intestines as well as your whole digestive system. The job of your solar plexus chakra is to make sure that you conduct your life in accordance with what you believe and keeps you on track with that which is right for you even if this goes ‘against the grain.’ The solar plexus chakra acts like your own personal bodyguard, defending your moral code and integrity. It does this by making sure you don’t stray from your own path and get influenced by, and tangled up in, other people’s opinions and beliefs. It is your trusted friend, whose number one priority is to ‘watch your back.'

- When the 3rdchakra is blocked it affects the stomach, upper intestines, digestive system, liver, pancreas, gallbladder, middle of spine.

- The life circumstances that can block the 3rdchakra are shame, authoritarianism, physical abuse, domination of will, emotional manipulation, even inherited shame from your parents.

- When we are deficient in this chakra we can have low energy, be easy manipulated, have a weak will, low self-esteem, a victim mentality, blame others

- When we are excessive we can be aggressive, dominating, controlling, manipulative, stubborn, type A personality, be competitive & arrogant

-  The physical challenges that can inform there’s a block can be eating disorders, diabetes, chronic fatigue, hyperglycemia

-  Other challenges that can indicate a block are disorders of the stomach, ulcers, pancreas issues, gallbladder, arthritis, adrenal disfunction

Opening Prayer

Calling in the GOD of our understanding. May this practice reveal the ways in which I give my power way. May I see how my wounds, or my story have determined my self-worth. May I call back my power, take responsibility for my healing & understand better how my ego & need for external validation has influenced my life. 

May I transform any shame into self-acceptance, all attachments into surrender, my personal will into divine release. 

May my self-confidence come from knowing who I truly am. LOVE

May I know the truth, may I see the truth, May I speak the truth & may I feel & express the truth from my heart.

Blessed be



STEP 2: Practise Manipura asana video

(click below link to start)

STEP 3: Read the below & then in your journal respond to the questions that are resonating with you. 


The Shadow of the manipura chakra is shame.

How does shame show up in your own life?

Is this an emotion you recognize within yourself?

Questions to explore when working with the 3rdchakra would be around self-worth, self-esteem, confidence & personal power.

How well do you love & value who you are?

Can you believe you are worthy simply because you exist?

Are you confident?

What give you confidence in yourself?

Do you give your power away?

How does your personal power reveal itself?

Do you empower healers, teachers, therapists, lover, others & not yourself?

Are you willing to reclaim lost power?

Do you have bad digestion, stomach, liver, gallbladder or pancreas problems?
Can you stand up for what you believe in?
Can you say ‘no’ without fearing judgment?
Can you calmly express your opinions without being defensive and angry?
Can you fearlessly forge ahead with a project or decision that you know is right for you even if your family and friends don’t approve?
Is passive-aggressive manipulation of others something you do to get your way?
Do you feel like a victim?
Do you compensate from low self-esteem and shame based feelings by being overly responsible?
Can you follow your heart to break through blocks and fears?
Are you afraid of change?
What causes you to lose your power and why?
Do you maintain your integrity by following through on what you say?
Do you respect yourself and others too?

How is your self-esteem?

In what ways has your ego determined your values?

What gives you self-confidence?

How independent are you in your life?

Notice what’s coming up for you. Did these questions trigger a feeling, reaction?

Could you stay present?

Do you know if you dissociate when you feel uncomfortable?

Can you stay present in your body?

When we give away our power we admonish our value & undermine our worth. Developing out self-esteem is critical to our spiritual growth. 

Our intuition is reliant on good self-esteem. Intuition is not a gift it is a skill & like a muscle something we strengthen & develop through proper practice.

When we give our power away & have a diminished sense of self, this lack of confidence can make us second guess our intuition & look instead to the external world for guidance & support. 

Has this been true for you?

Our deep spiritual work requires us to look at our shadows & limited beliefs, the areas which we are disconnected from our true self. Developing self-confidence can only happen when we are willing to grow from our challenges not be defined by them.

The manipura chakra is about transformation, activation, empowering who you are in the world. Independent from our tribe or collective. When balanced we become responsible, reliable, confident, have an effective will, appropriate self-discipline & are able to meet our challenges. When our self-worth is defined by our ego, our story & the outside world our value can be determined by the way we look, the size or shape of our body, the money we make or even the relationships we are in. Which are qualities that are subjective, temporary & subject to change. With low self-esteem there can never be enough external validation to fill this void. We seek looking outside ourselves for guidance rather than turning inward & awakening to whom we truly are.

Our healing invites us to remember who we are, beyond our body, image, money or relationships & allow our value & self-confidence to come from the knowing that we are manifestations of eternal love & that this essence is our true nature & our highest self. 

Closing Prayer

We give thanks to GOD for our individuality & our sense of wellbeing. May we continue to let go of our ego & story & limited beliefs that keep us disempowered & instead develop our self-confidence by taking the actions necessary to empower ourselves not in spite of our challenges but because of them. 

May our sense of self be a reflection of our deep love & our true value come from sharing that deep love with all. 

May we activate transformation, manifest growth & surrender our will to the self-realization that the GOD within us is our truth, our identity & radiates our authentic value from the inside out. 

We ask that there may be peace within & beyond for all souls everywhere. 

May I know the truth, may I see the truth, I speak the truth & may I feel & express the truth from my heart.



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