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Week 3. Svadhisthana Chakra (Sacral)

Means sweetness & the place of one’s own

Light – Sexuality / Shadow – Guilt

Colour – Orange / Element – Water

STEP 1: Read theory & take notes

The Svadhisthana chakra moves us from our tribal or family dynamics to more one on one relationships with others. Providing us with the life lessons that teach us about our emotions, creativity & sexual dynamics. We evolve from a state of stability to fluidity. From structure to pleasure. From flesh to sensation. 

This energy center reveals our issues related to abundance, well-being, sexuality, control, desire, need, creativity & emotions. It is our connection and ability to accept others and new experiences & is a fertile & potent vortex and teaches us that movement & change necessitates spiritual awakening. 

The sacral chakra is also commonly associated with creation, creativity, and relationships, human and social connection. This chakra is brought into a higher level of balance when it is linked with the third eye chakra. It is recommended that you balance the two together for the greatest and intuitive results. 

Through the sacral chakra it’s our time of developing individuality and realizing we are a separate entity from our parents and family. Here we learn about the polarity of opposites, male and female, positive and negative. Relationships with the opposite sex are explored here. 

-      The sacral chakra is responsible for looking after your genitals, sexual organs, large intestines, kidneys, lower back, pelvis & hips, bladder, circulatory system & womb.

-      This chakra also helps you discover who you are and what you, as an individual person, desire. It not only helps you discover what brings you pleasure, it also ‘draws into your life’ the things you find pleasurable. If you are having problems or health issues with your uterine or bladder, sexual difficulties, impotence, lack of flexibility, sciatica, lower back pain, and problems with large intestines, then your sacral chakra is blocked. Blocks in this chakra bring us lessons on jealousy, betrayal, control and power plays. 

-      The life circumstances that can block this energy center are sexual, physical or emotional abuse, denial of a child’s feelings & enmeshment, religion or moral severity, neglect, emotional manipulation.

-      When we are deficient in this chakra we can be rigid in our body & our attitudes, be frigid, have a fear of sex, poor social skills, lack desire or passion & fear change.

-      When you are excessive in the 2nd chakra you can act out sexually, have a sexual addiction, excessively strong emotions, are sensitive or have poor boundaries, emotional dependency, obsessive attachment

Notice if the information you are taking in is true for you or not, notice any reactions that arise

Opening Prayer

Calling in the God of our own unique understanding. May this practice empower me to understand the beauty of my sexual & creative energy, as a divine conduit for healing, growth & self-realization. 

May all limited beliefs be revealed & May I have the strength to understand the roles my own guilt, shame & even socialization have played on my sexual self-expression & emotional life.

May this practice be a potent ground to awaken me to the truths unrealized & May I have the strength to embrace these truth’s as guidance meant to increase my pleasure, heighten my awareness & transform my soul.

May I know the truth, ma I see the truth, may I speak the truth & may I feel & express the truth from my heart.



STEP 2: Practise Svadisthana asana video

(click below link to start)

STEP 3: Read the below & then in your journal respond to the questions that are resonating with you. 


The shadow of the sacral chakra is guilt –

Is guilt an emotion you relate to? 

How does it affect your life? 

How does it influence your relationships?

The questions to explore so as to understand this profound energy center would be around pleasure abundance & sexuality such as:

What gives you pleasure?

Do you feel you have the right to enjoy yourself?

Are you open to exploring what might be perceived as indulgent or naughty?

In what ways do you deny yourself pleasure?

What about abundance, do you allow it into your life?

How would you describe it?

Is it dependent on material things?

Do you have a healthy relationship with your sexuality?

Do you enjoy your sexuality?

Is it a topic you feel comfortable exploring?

Have you been taught information that makes it disempowering, shameful or bad?

Are you aware of sexual energy?

Have your sexual experiences been affirming and positive? Disappointing or negative?

Have you allowed your sense of wellbeing to be defined by your sexuality?

Am I depressed about a relationship?
Frustrated about my sex life?
Am I worried about or stressed about money?
Do I have bladder, kidney or lower abdomen problems?
Do I know what I love and what brings me joy?
Is my life full of pleasure?
Do I express my creativity?
Do I need to control, or give my power away to get something in return?
Am I addicted to alcohol, drugs, sex, people or something else?
Do I suffer from guilt, shame, anger, and are judgmental towards the past?
Do I find it difficult to make money?
Do I stand up for myself...say what I mean and mean what I say?
Do I make everything a crisis?

How connected am I to my emotions?

What have I been taught about my sexuality?

Do I give my power away to seductive forces like money, sex, drugs or alcohol?

Notice what came up for you when considering those questions. Did your breathe stay deep & fluid to were you holding your breathe? Did you feel uneasy? 

Awareness is the key to true healing. It requires self-investigation & a willingness to understand how the experiences & feedback we receive, inform our perspective. We cannot mature until we confront the limiting beliefs that have been indoctrinated into our consciousness, understand the influence they have on our choices. Know that it takes time. Be gentle & loving with yourself in the self-discovery & know that it doesn’t all have to happen in one day.

The first chakra grounds us in order to allow the fluidity of the 2ndchakra to be fully expressed. The first chakra is like a cup that contains the fluid, this fluid is a sacred nectar to awaken our senses, bring pleasure to our bodies & ignite a divine fertility for creation both literal & figurative.

Breathe into that possibility.

When the second chakra is balanced & healed we can experience emotional intelligence. Becoming more sensitive & aware of our own internal life and the potency of the emotional life of others. It allows is to have the ability to experience pleasure, be open to change, nurture ourselves & others & have healthy boundaries. It can allow us to tap into our creative nature & celebrate the power of our sexuality & the ways it connects us to each other and to spirit. We can honor the powerful energies that ignite us from within. Reminding us of our divinity and true beauty. A healthy 2ndchakra allows us to navigate our relationships on the physical world without selling or negotiating ourselves. 

Are there relationships that you have given your power to?

Are you holding onto the story?

How has this impacted your health, your choices?

Breathe into the possibility of letting go of these resentments. Notice any emotions that arise.

What would it be like to let it go?

What would change?

Closing Prayer

We give thanks to God for the creative, sacred & divine essence of our being & the ways in which it manifest itself in the world. Thank you for the abundance, the beauty & the power of our emotional life. 

Thank you for the mystery of our creativity & the depths of our sexual expression.

May we trust it’s power, magic & infinite flow.

We ask that may we understand our relationships better. The ways in which they teach, inform, excite & ignite deep growth, spiritual transformation.

May we continue to let go of our resentments & awaken to the truth that is beyond our literal perception that binds us to our story. May we be healed.

May we know the truth, may we see the truth, may we speak the truth, may we feel & express the truth from our hearts.



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