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Week 2. Muladhara Chakra (Root)

Means Root Support & Foundation

Light – Survival / Shadow – Fear

Colour – Red / Element – Earth

STEP 1: Read theory & take notes
The muladhara is our root support & foundation of our very being. It is what keeps us in the primal physical world and provides us with the life lessons that teach us about our relationship with the earth, our family & our global tribe. The element of earth reflects the vibration of the Muladhara & it is the primal force that teaches us how to be in these bodies, how to sustain & how to live in relationship to the physical world with our family/tribe. It resonates with the aspects of our lives relating to home, safety, security & stability. It is our survival instinct for being in this world.

It is the foundation of our mental & emotional health, is connected to the 5 senses & establishes our need for logic, structure & order. This energy center reveals our issues related to connection, family, health, home, survival, commitment & our ability to stand up for ourselves.  

It is the first level of our energy anatomy and is located at the base of the spine. It’s job is to look after the spine, hips, legs, feet, bones, blood, immune system, skin, joints & muscles, as well your physical body in general. This physical region is essentially affected by the health of our family or other close groups of people and makes sure that we receive everything we need to survive, i.e., food, water, shelter. 

This chakra is also responsible for finding us a community of people or tribe in which we feel safe, honoured and protected. A healthy muladhara chakra connects you with vitality to our family of origin, our immediate society and to the global community. If your 0-7 years were challenging and without love, then this damaged root chakra will function much differently. Issues of survival such as emotional dysfunction, stress, anxiousness, and restlessness will plague you. You’ll have fears of letting go, scarcity, poor boundaries, and more. It’s during the 0-7 years that we learn about where we fall in our relationships with siblings, parents, our community, and how we relate to them.

The first chakra teaches us to find our balance & commit to the inevitability of change. It also empowers us to stand on our own two feet & teaches confidence & grace.

If you are struggling to finance your existence and to make ‘ends meet,’ have low energy, leg, hip, feet and spinal problems, feel alone and crave to find your home in the world, suffer from joint pain, lower backache, elimination problems, obesity, constipation, anorexia, and poor immune system function then your base chakra is blocked and not working properly. When the first chakra is blocked prana or life force can become stagnant or blocked in the spinal column, legs, rectum, bones, immune system, blood, large intestines & teeth and as a result, these areas can become vulnerable to injury & disease.

When the physical base is unsteady or unbalanced this affects the rest of your body. In the same way if a chakra is out of balance, the others are impacted as well.

As you go through your body and explore each individual chakra notice what comes up for you, observe your emotions, reactivity & remain grounded. Feel the steadiness of your body & breathe deeply, this will keep you present.

·       Life situations that can block this chakra are: birthing difficulties, physical neglect or abuse or bonding with your mother, abandonment, major illness or surgery, violent environments.

·       When this chakra is deficient we can: be disconnected from the body, underweight, fearful, anxious, have poor boundaries, be undisciplined & disorganized.

·       When this chakra is excessive we: can experience issues related to obesity, overeating, hoarding, greedy, lazy, have a fear of change, rigid boundaries.

·       Physical challenges are: intestinal issues, lower back pain, sciatica, eating disorders, viragos’ veins, depression, OCD, alcoholism, immune disorders.

·       Trauma's that can block the first chakra are: Birth trauma, abandonment, physical neglect, malnourishment, major illness or surgery, being in violent environments, witnessing violence & physical abuse.

When exploring the first chakra & our relationship with the physical world & our tribe, we may consider questions that are related to birth, family, home, work:

Opening Prayer:

We ask may this practice steady & ground me. Creating a safe & internal environment. So, I can understand more about my relationship with my tribe & physical world. 

I ask for insight & clarity & to heal any fear-based perceptions causing me to feel separate & instead open me to a greater sense of belonging.

May my roots grow deep & strengthen the bonds I have with my family & origin of choice & to the earth that supports & sustains my body & being.

May I know the truth, May I see the truth, May I speak the truth & May I feel & express the truth from my heart.



STEP 2: Practise Muladhara asana video

(click below link to start)

STEP 3: Read the below & then in your journal respond to the questions that are resonating with you. 


- What is your relationship to your family & the physical world?

- Do you have a sense of security & safety?

- Who is in your tribe?

- What’s my family like?
- Do I have a lot of friends?
- What beliefs did you inherit or learn from your family?
- Is there unfinished business between you and your parents? 

- What limiting beliefs did you learn about personal survival? 

- Do you have personal boundaries that you maintain?
- Is it difficult for you to bond with others?
- Are you often sick or suffering from illness? 

- What was going on with your family when you first came into the world?

- What kind of relationship did your parents have?

- Who looked after your needs?

- What was happening in the world the time of your birth.

- How would you describe the emotional climate in your family?

- Has their love been conditional?

- What is their attitude towards life & other people?

- Were you given freedom to explore your own ideas?

- How has your family impacted the way you experience the world?

- Are you open or closed? Are you accepting or judgmental?

- Has your tribe influenced you positively, or have you inherited ideas that keep you separate from other people or unavailable to new ideas? 

-=How balanced are you in your life?

Without a strong foundation it is difficult to interact with the physical world & maintain a sense of trust, safety & appropriate boundaries. A balanced first chakra allows for positive tribal identity, a feeling of safety & security in the world, grounding & stability. For us to move into a deeper relationship with the divine it is necessary that we understand & relate to the world around us & navigate it without fear.

Family teaches us our traditions, superstitions, prejudices, fears & who we are. They also teach us to connect & relate & how to bond. 

- What is your relationship with your family?

- Can you see the ways in which your family trauma has informed your decision making?

- Is there information there that can help you to grow & heal the relationship you embody today & your connection with this planet?

The process of deep healing begins with awareness. When we stay attached to the resentment we feel we become defined by that energy. This impacts our thoughts, reactivity, intentions & ultimately our health & wellness.

- What stories have you embodied?

- How do we see beyond your story?

- How do we let go of the attachment & witness our life experiences through a spiritual lens?

- Do you have a sense of how your story has influenced your relationships?

Are you willing to create a new healing story?

Closing Prayer:

We give thanks to GOD for the earth that nourishes, supports & for our family, friends & tribe. The people who nurture our being & soul. We ask to let go of the resentments we have towards the people in our tribe & to be released from any fear that keeps us feeling ungrounded, or unsafe. We ask to stay rooted & feel the deep connection with the earth. May we life more sustainably, mindfully & honor her for all the ways in which she serves our existence. May we continue to shift our limited beliefs, empower our hearts & move forward on our path, feet planted, heart wide open & embrace all the ways we are being guided. 

May we be open to god & all of life’s mysteries. Firmly rooted in the here and the now yet open to all that is yet to be.

May we know the truth, may we see the truth, may we speak the truth & may we feel & express the truth from our hearts.



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